Rørosmartnan – Winter Fair – Norway 2019

From  19 to  23 February  2019 – Culture and Tradition

A Royal decree of 1853 states that ”From 1854 onwards a yearly market shall be held in Røros, commencing the second last Tuesday in the month of February, lasting until the following Friday.” It has later been extended until Saturday, and the 161th Rørosmartnan is arranged from 16th February to 21st February 2016

The winter fair Rørosmartnan is a national event with approximately 75.000 visitors each year. During these five days Røros is transformed into a lively marketplace with a booming street life day and night – at restaurants and bars, dance halls and scenes, raffles and bazaars, travellers rest farms, accommodations and at cultural events.

Most of the fair takes place in the two main streets of Røros, and around 250 exhibitors have stalls in the streets and at the indoor trade fair.   The World Heritage site Røros forms a unique backdrop for the fair, which is an experience everybody should experience at least once in a lifetime, or even better – once a year!

The local people  very proud of keeping alive the tradition of coachmen transporting feed and goods across the mountains to Røros. As part of the opening ceremony over eighty equipages from Sweden, Østerdalen, Hedmark, Gauldalen and Tydal participate in a parade, marking the arrival in Røros after travelling for up to 15 days in the old-fashioned manner with horse and sleighs.

Courtyards and travellers farms

Many people say that it is in the courtyards of the town centre you will find the authentic essence of Rørosmartnan. This is where people originally gathered to trade, play music, dance, tell stories, laugh and talk, and where the tradesmen and visitors exchanged culture and shared new impulses.

During the fair this tradition lives on, as the courtyards are turned into the traditional country inn with stables for visiting horses. The courtyards swarm of activities day and night. Here you still find authentic old-fashioned trade, horses in the stables, coffee brewed over the open fire, traditional delicacies, wisecracks and storytelling accompanied by fiddlers and other musicians. And everyone stopping by is heartily greeted welcome!

Even though the fair today also consists of new elements like a fun fair and concerts, Rørosmartnan is still an event where traditions live on. History and culture is conveyed through traditional local food, the atmosphere in the courtyards, sleigh rides, demonstrations of traditional crafts, auctions and much much more. Book with us this fantastic experience!!

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