World’s Best Hikes : Helags , by National Geographic

We are located in the western Härjedalen, in the middle of Sweden is Funäsfjällen, an unexploited and exotic mountain world offering authentic mountain adventures . Not far away the pick of Helags –  highest mountain south of the Arctic circle -recently mentioned in the National Geographic.  here the article :

Summit hikes offer up that big reward—a hard-won objective and a new perspective on everything you hiked up to get there. While there are plenty of wondrous mountaintops on the planet, for this list we chose our favorite peaks based on both the walk up and the larger history of the place. Beyond the thrill of making it to the top, each of these summit hikes offers a deeper connection to the surrounding landscape and people. — by Doug Schnitzspahn

Helagsfjället, Sweden

Height: 5,892 feet/1,796 meters

Best For: Those who want to connect to Sami people, foxes

Sweden’s highest peak south of the Arctic Circle, Helagsfjället, also simply called Helags, stands out above the surrounding peaks of the Scandinavian Mountains right on the Norway border. It’s an easy summit to reach and popular in summer (there’s even a comfy mountain station on the peak where hikers can relax or even take part in a yoga retreat), but once you get up and out on its green slopes, where reindeer browse and the occasional native arctic fox stalks prey, the natural magic of the place takes hold.

The surrounding region of Jämtland Härjedalen is also home to a significant population of Scandinavia’s native Sami people, some of whom own “summer homes” on the slopes of Helags. These aren’t what you might think: A visit to the Härjedalens Fjällmuseum in nearby Funäsdalen shows how the seasonal shelters were once tended by young girls left alone all season to watch over reindeer. Head to the museum post-hike and you just might get a taste of the reindeer meat that’s so essential to the culture of the Sami—the only people allowed to raise them in Sweden.

The Hike: It’s a quick jaunt up along the ridge to the top of the peak from the Helagsfjället Mountain Station, which requires a 7.5-mile hike to reach, but it’s also possible to take longer routes—camping along the way—to the top.

At the Top: The cirque on Helagsfjället holds the remnants of the southernmost glacier in Sweden. When conditions are right, you can take some ski laps down to the huts of the mountain station in the shadow of the peak.

from : National Geographic