Hiking and Photography

Period : June ( midnight sun) to September –  8 days / 7 nights – hiking and nature photography in the Arctic. Hotel ( full board)

Eight days living amongst the Sami, the indigenous people who inhabit these lands .For them, the concept of time has no boundaries – it all depends on the season, they understand which season has arrived from the existence of the snow, to the behaviour of the Reindeer. Here, time stands still and clocks have no reason to exist.

The county of Harjedalen is home to eleven Sami communities and forty-five thousand Reindeer. This territory has one human inhabitant per square kilometre, it is a land full of lakes, rivers and forests where wild animals which are threatened by extinction find refuge. This is the land of the Musk Ox, the last surviving witness from the Ice Age. The landscape is as it was ten thousand years ago. Moraine (glacial debris of soil and rocks) covered with moss, lichen and berries – emerge from the Tundra which together gives an arcane and moon like appearance – beautiful landscapes experienced during crisp, clear days – you can marvel at  Reindeer in the distance and the vast stretches of blue water where clouds are reflected as if they are part of a magical ritual.Ice ge,

Heaven and earth are fused together by the creation of a wonderful optical illusion. It is often hard to tell where the land ends and the sky begins.

 The program allows us to explore the other side of the Arctic. Not the one available on the standard visitor itineraries which follow well trodden routes and where there is a constant flow of tourists, but instead,  we offer a more intimate exploration of the Arctic, which is stripped bare, it is perfect for those who want to see and experience the real country and its exciting wildlife.

Here you can listen to the voice of the Arctic speaking during the intense hours of light, you can see the Reindeer who give birth in the valley, which is full of the rich local flora and fauna which joyously burst into life at the arrival of Spring. Everyday there will be a selection of local experts who will help you to make a true connection with this stunning countryside –  which was the home of Carl Linnaeus –  and which is still, in parts, unexplored and untouched.  A land where it will become difficult to separate yourself from your camera as everywhere you look there is a marvel to behold.

Those who wish to investigate every nook and cranny of this land, will discover some hidden surprises just asking to be photographed,  such as the beautiful reflections in the crystal clear water of the lakes which appear as soon as the sun’s rays hit its waters. The waterfalls at this time of the year which flow freely and rush down the hillsides, you can even hear them at night because so much ‘silence’ permeates through the forests. The days are bright and nature is on display at its best. The colours of the countryside come alive again, sharp and clean following the long winter.

The hotel stands on the banks of a lake. It has a friendly, family atmosphere where the welcoming Swedish hospitality is alive and present with its traditional local dishes and rituals of saunas and relaxing  outdoors after a day on an excursion.

 The excursions are daily and are of easy / medium intensity. It is advisable to wear waterproof clothing – and clothes made of Lycra, which are easy to dry and which offer greater comfort in case of sudden showers. The temperatures in September can range between 22 degrees – 30 degrees above zero but sometimes in the past we have had some short but temporary falls of snow.

Stops: excursions can last an average of 4 to 6 hours,  it all depends on the time that we want to devote to a particular kind of landscape or situation. We suggest 6 to 8 km a day of walking. But do not worry, there will be a half day dedicated to exploring the countryside around Funasdalen and then relaxing saunas at the hotel.

First day


Arrival station / airport at Røros.  Collection service from the ‘hotel (50 minutes).

Dinner and overnight stay

Second day – Ljusnedal – The Gost town  – Tevsön lake  and the country trail


 We depart for the daily excursion. Our first stop will be at the village of Ljusnedal, nicknamed the “ghost town” because it is so peaceful there. You will be captivated by the beauty of the church that towers over the village and the thunderous noise of the impressive waterfall. In the period of migration, it is a destination for many birds such as Wild Geese who wait on the last remnants of ice in the lakes, that form for them a type of an oasis, almost free from the grip of winter. Excellent photographic opportunities are offered by small wooden houses which have living roofs of plants and flowers in bloom. The second part of the adventure takes us along the Tevsjon trail in the forest or along ancients paths that give you the opportunity to discover the local flora. The environment is characterized by an abundance of mosses, lichens and fast flowing water.


Third day –  Mittklappen


Referred to by the locals as ‘the roof of the world’, this landscape is  rugged and wild  You have two routes to choose from to reach the top – one, the easier –  moves along a zig zag path around the valley until you reach the top – the other unfolds in dizzy bends which move  uphill and give incredible views of the surrounding countryside- from time to time you can stop and admire them while you decide which way to go – then, once you reach the top, you will have a view from a position which dominates the whole valley, a valley which is characterized by  interlocking rivers and lakes that snake through forests, carving out the landscape. Many birds find this an optimal environment for nesting and with a little luck you will be able to photograph them. It is usually windy at the top so appropriate clothing is recommended. The descent again offers excellent photo opportunities. On arrival back in the valley we will be greeted by the smell of coffee from a small Stuga – a traditional hut – a  family room – where we stop for a coffee and traditional Nordic waffles with Raspberry jam and cream.  But not before we marvel at and absorb the image of the clear water adjacent to the lodge which reflects the countryside like a huge mirror. This is a day not to be missed.





 Fourth day   – Nature Reserve  Hamrafjellet 


Today’s hike takes us into the Hamra Natural Reserve. The trail starts amongst a wood made of Birch trees and mosses. The first part of the path is uphill. The rest of the route will be along the ridge of a valley where you can enjoy views of this idyllic landscape. There will be cows grazing on the grassland and on a clear day you can see in the distance the Helags glacier(1700 m) and the Norwegian border. Weather permitting our goal is to reach Andersbog – where the Sami people live and an easy place to spot Reindeer.


Return – dinner-overnight

Fifth day 



You feel a total sense of peace when you set out across these immense plateaus with the sun still shining in the sky. In the distance timid Reindeer are preparing to flee as you pass, curious Arctic Terns linger only a few meters away from us and at times fly directly over our heads.  Ingemar knows them well as he has dedicated his life to the study of the animals and birds of this area where he lives. Photography is his passion and he has a private collection of photos, collected throughout the  twenty years of his

Photo :Ingemar Lind

career.  The Arctic tundra in Summer is characterized by plateaus that stretch as far as the eye can see – each one is a continuation of the next almost like a never ending desert. At first glance it almost appears  to be a desert, a land stripped of all features that  normally distinguish fertile lands and Mediterranean landscapes. But it is not the same as a true desert.

 Through your camera lens you will discover a world that is full of both animal and vegetable life.  This land has another difference, compared to other sunny lands of the world, because it has a microclimate which has had to adapt to the interference of the fleeting Summer period and carve out short sections of the year in which to quickly live – spawn  and die. In these lands you will discover the habitat of the “Bluethroat ‘, the bird who sings in 100 languages – according to the Sami – due to the particular song of the male birds. In late summer this bird starts making its way to China.

Not to mention the herds of Reindeer who graze undisturbed throughout the valleys with their little ones in tow. Each Sami family owns between 600 and 700 animals. Throughout the Summer the Reindeer stay on the plateau which is rich with diversely coloured Lichens.    They graze amongst the hills where and raise their young which were born in the previous months.

Sixth Day :   Day free 

Some lesure time to relax into the  sauna and pool . You can also book for a massage or special treatment from the Hotel facilities.  You can choose to visit the small town or  walking into the nice area.

Seventh  day  : Ice age – Rogen Nature Reserve


In this reserve we discover animals living in their natural habitat, species such as the Lynx and the Musk Ox. The Reserve’s territory covers an area of 500 square kilometres , and stretches as far as the Femundmarka Reserve in Norway, making a total of 1000km of unspoilt nature. The geological structure is formed of Moraine (glacial debris of soil and rocks) which were left behind after the retreat of the glaciers around 10,000 years ago. In this area, which is called Eldorado by the local fishermen, due to the quality of its fishing lakes and crystal clear water, we’re going to find the Musk Ox, the last living witness from the Ice Age. The Musk Ox by nature is shy and impetuous in its behaviour, it was introduced into the area in 1971 and in the years since then local scholars have documented its lifestyle by following the animals during their migrations across the mountains. Some of the animals come down to the valley in the Summer and you can see them. This day of the trip will be devoted to photographing these animals up close.  After the visit, time permitting, we will walk along a path until we reach the highest point of the Reserve from where there is a beautiful view of the lakes at the close the day.

If requested – when we return to the hotel – we can book a swim in the outdoor warm thermal waters and celebrate with a toast of champagne and some strawberries, a fitting  goodbye to this Swedish adventure and a toast to the next!.


Eighth day :

Transfer to the airport / train station

The program is indicative and is flexible on request.