Discovery time

The time to read, as the time to love, dilates the time to live …


Period : June to September to rediscover the rhythms of nature. 10 days in which to find yourself and to think. Accommodation in cottages.

A fairytale atmosphere in which to write, meditate and engage in all the activities that you have dreamed of doing if only you had the time.  A relaxing space for writing and creative reading amongst the beauty of the Arctic nature.  10 days / 9 nights.  Available both in the summer when the Midnight Sun shines and in winter with the stunning ‘Northern Lights – Extension of the numbers of days is available on request

Ninety percent of the county of Harjedalen – where we are situated – is covered with lakes and forests and there is only one human inhabitant for every square kilometre. Both the Summer and the Winter offer views of the Arabian night where only silence dominates. In this type of holiday we offer you are all the ingredients for living in a dream atmosphere amongst unspoiled countryside. The cottages where you stay are constructed out of wood – some have ‘living roofs’ which are in bloom in the Summer, all of them enveloped in silence and within nature itself. You are amongst Birch forests and near huge lakes where you can swim, fish, canoe or where you can simply set up a barbecue and relax on  the white sandy beaches. The lakes are crystal clear, and the bottoms are covered by pebbles.

Write, read, forget about work, relax in the sauna, take care of yourselves and your bodies, these are the recommended activities for this type of holiday. Ten days, or however many you decide, this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in another dimension.

The days, from June to September are very long, the sun rises at 4am in the morning and  shines on you throughout the day until late at night. During the 10 days we offer countless leisure activities which can be booked on site or if you prefer, you can organise them  yourself.



The county of Harjedalen is the ‘Eldorado’ of fishing- we are immersed in the Rogen Nature Reserve, an area stretching for 500 square kms where the great expanses of water and the waterfalls are the main dominant forces along with wild animals such as the Buno Bear, Lynx and Moose. You can rent a fishing rod and organise a fishing license in the kiosk near the area. Canoes are always available on site and our visitors frequently use them to discover new areas. The waters are calm.


It is nice and relaxing in a canoe – the water is an ideal place from which to listen to the  silence of the countryside, especially with the Midnight Sun shyly shining down on you, this is when the Beavers make their appearance. A beautiful landscape where the scent of resin coming from the nearby woods and the Arctic partridge flying across the skies, creates a heavenly dimension.


You can easily reach places where you can be free to daydream and relax, just a few meters from your house. If you want to book well in advance, we will be happy to accompany and guide you to the most interesting and unspoiled places in the area. Summer is the time for the flowering of wild orchids and many other species of flowers.  The woods canoa are populated by mosses, lichens, mushrooms, berries, blueberries and raspberries. You can swim in waterfalls or visit the Rogen  Reserve to see the last animal still living from the’ Ice Age: The musk ox. The Rogen Reserve, as you will see, is a pristine unspoilt environment that extends to Norway where it joins up with another Nature  Reserve called Femundmarka, which is also impressive for its beauty.


ROROS the mining town – Unesco world heritage  site- Norway

You can consider staying one or more nights in Norway. (The state border is only twenty kilometres away) and visit the town of Roros – a mining town (the copper mines made this town an important commercial and economic centre for the whole of Norway).   It is also the land where Pippi Longstocking lives. Several episodes of this popular children’s series were filmed in the narrow streets of Roros.

Interesting features of this town are the buildings. They are built entirely of wood and are still original. RorosThe town was built thanks to the generosity of the owners of the mines who gave the mine workers  a piece of land  on which to settle with their families.  In the summer Roros opens its doors to the season of the sun. The streets are welcoming for tourists and the small coffee bars put their tables outside so you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.   Walking through its streets is like stepping back in time. The smell of wood and hay immediately hits your nostrils. Amongst the pulsing modern life of its citizens you can still find the old stables where the horses continue to be kept, just as they were years ago, when the miners first built their farms.


You will have the chance to lead your own team of Alaskan Husky dogs,  who are very sociable and well trained, through the wilderness, past small lakes and admire the Beaver dams.

The tour starts from the dog training centre in Narjornet at 10.00 or at 13.00 and ends at the same place.Sled_dog_try-outs There is the possibility of agreeing a different timetable. There are changing rooms and toilets at the dog training centre, where you can also rent weatherproof clothing, such as raincoats and rubber boots.

After a short lesson you can help with harnessing the dogs. Two people work with each team. The guide will be in the lead ahead of all the other teams and your dogs will follow him. The company provides robust sleds made of special material, with brakes on all four wheels.  You can also have lunch and coffee in a “lavvo” which is a typical Lapp tent, nestled in the forest about 100 metres from the dog training centre. You will receive a complimentary cup of coffee which has a logo of a pack of dogs.


P1120942Inspiration is all around you. This landscapes offer many opportunities for great photos. Migratory birds, Reindeer (June), the Midnight Sun, (June), the colours of the Arctic Tundra (July-August) and September with its intense colours that illuminate the rich fertile ground of the plateau,  a carpet of berries and lichens, all beautiful soft colours – precious food for the Reindeer. The earth and the sky mix together in a constant playful confusion of light, the blue sky and the clouds, which are reflected in the clear waters, create  breathtaking optical illusions. .

Rediscover the true meaning of time, something which is often missing in everyday life


How many times are we desperate not to be disturbed or we simply want to have some  spare time for ourselves? In these remote areas of Swedish Lapland only the birds’ singing and the sound of the waterfalls will keep you company. It is a motionless time,  everything seems to be shrouded in a golden dreamlike glow that is impossible to find in any other place.

It is also an ideal time for meditation, an opportunity for you to find yourself and to experience the famous “baptism of solitude”, an almost sacred experience for some people,  which only a few have been lucky enough to try.  We live in an world full of noise,  here there is a quiet  dimension waiting to be rediscovered, where you can improve your mental and physical wellbeing.


Why not enjoy a day at the spa. Sauna, swimming in hot springs on an open air terrace, in pristine unspoilt countryside?